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Definition of Obesity

A condition occurring due to excess deposition of the fat in the body leading to health risk.

Examples of Deficiency Diseases

  • Obesity occurs when the intake of energy (food calories) is more than the requirement by the body.
  • Such people are said to be obese and their condition is said to be ?Obesity?.
  • Obese people have high BMI (Body Mass Index). Their BMI is usually 30 or more than 30.
  • (BMI) Body Mass Index is the statistical measurement derived by dividing the subject?s mass by the square of his or her height.
  • It is expressed in Kilogram per square meter.

More About Obesity

  • Obesity increases the chances of getting various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, hypertension (high B.P).
  • Obesity may be caused due to the factors like
    - Hereditary
    - Overeating high calorie diet
    - Staying physically inactive or Sedentary lifestyle.
    - Hormonal imbalance
    - Lack of sleep
    - Medications that enchance to put on weight
  • Much of the experiments are being carried out to resolve the problem and finding out solution for this Obesity.
  • However following has been advised to prevent or keep a check on the Obesity
  • - Calorie rich foods such as junk food, fried foods, animal fats, sweets and alcohol should be avoided to prevent obesity.
    - Regular physical exercise
    - Dieting or having a balanced diet
    - Prescribed medicines for losing weight
    - Surgical methods for weight loss such as bariatric surgery
    - Regular measure BMI

Question related to Obesity:

1) Which of the following is not responsible for obesity?
    a) Hormonal imbalance
    b) Hereditary
    c) Balanced diet
    d) Calorie rich diet
Solution. (c) Balanced diet prevents Obesity.

2) The BMI is related to Obesity.
    a) True
    b) False
    Solution: (a) If the BMI is 30 or over, the person is considered as Obese.

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